Steph (stephgrich) wrote,

Racism and more

*sigh* yet again i had a conversation with someone about why their are racist. only this time. . . it was with someone i care about. and that was the only reason that i had it to begin with. i have had so many of them with people that just pissed me off that i decided i wouldnt do it anymore. well at least on the internet. i will bust anyone out in person if they are being racist. i WILL not tolerate that. but this was my best online friend Brandon and that is why it mattered. cause i care and i dont want him to go around stereotyping and being ignorant. and he really isnt as bad as i thought he was. which is reassuring. but still. . .
anyway, he said he was sorry if he offended me and that he really cared about me. i said it was ok and that we should just move on. one day, when we meet, we can sit down and talk about this. but online is hard cause you dont know what tone of voice they have and they cant hear how mad or upset you are.
elise and i made a list of all the things we are gonna do this summer. heh, it ranges from biking (which we are gonna start tomorrow) to para sailing. heh, we WILL do that. once we find we find where this is possible close to inland VA.
but i am really excited about this job i am getting. it is with this 91 year old man who used to be a lawyer for 60 years. he is blind and half deaf and he needs someone to drive him places and type letter for him. i am going to see him tomorrow and i hope i start soon cause it seems like it will be a cool experience.

ok, i am sorry if i have bored ya'll (jonathon) heh, i dont know if anyone else has happened upon any of this.

i am watching an interesting movie on HBO about a girl in prison, i am off to devote myself to it.
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