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. . .little Theresa

My friend Theresa is the funniest. We laugh so much together. Last night Whitney and Theresa and I went to get food and we were laughing most of the time. I love girlie laughing fests.
Tonight we went out again after my so called basketball practice. And again. . . laughter.
I feel bad though. She has this one best friend from back home that she talks to ALL THE TIME. While here, she has only met the other people on the softball team (that shes on), the girls on our hall, and assorted other random athletes she meets at the gym. She doesn't go out. The only time she has ever gone out has been when I forced her to come to Phi Psi with me. I want her to have a good time.
Also, she has a hard time trusting friendships because her very best friend was killed in a car accident their senior year in high school. She was supposed to come to Tech and room with her. . .but alas she is stuck with a less than wonderful roommate. I know she trusts me as a friend, but she can't ever talk to me about serious things in person. . . when she has a problem, she IMs me. . . from one door down. . .to talk to me about it. If I say I'm coming over, she says no, just tell me on here. I think she is warming up a bit. And next year she is living in the apartment with us. . which I am sure will be the end of her shyness. I love her. . . she's the greatest. I just want her to be happy, while still remembering the friend she loved so much.
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