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eh, not a good day

this day has been no fun.
first the phone rang a ridiculous amount of times while i was TRYING to sleep this morning.
so finally i gave up and just got up.

then i had to go to Buena Vista to get my pre-college shots. but my car has been acting up and BV is 15 minutes away. so i was so lucky to get there. on the way my CD play stopped working. when i got to my mom's office the windows rolled down really really slowly and blinker stopped working. i had to cost into the handicap spot because the engine stopped and the power steering went.

so my mom drove to the place to get shots and i had to get two shots, one in each arm, and a Tuberculosis test. i almost passed out. everything went white and my chest felt heavy. all sounds were muffled and it was NOT fun. i had to lay on the floor and put my feet up. my mom and the nurse had to get me a cold rag.

after i recovered and got ice cream, we had to get my car towed. and elise had to come get me because i didn't have a way to get home. now my arms hurt when i move them and i don't feel like doing anything that involves me standing or walking. i don't feel sick anymore, but i am just spent.

i really hope the day gets better.
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