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the only thing that is keeping me sane is my Third Eye Blind and the kind words of one Sargent Major Neel. Deep Inside of You is the greatest song. it is amazing when you find a band that can create a song in which every line is powerful. Third Eye Blind is such a band, and Deep Inside of You is such a song. i would quote some but it is all about that yucky love stuff and that doesnt need to be touched.

anyway. . . i am PISSED. i did NOT do well on my government AP exam. and i really thought i did. i am so mad. so so so mad. i threw a tantrum. but i was by myself so it doesnt count (whatever i mean by that).

and the old man was so frusterating today. uh, but i dont want to talk about that or i will get frusterated again.

kyle and james and i are going biking and kyle is on his way over, so i suppose this is me leaving.
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