Steph (stephgrich) wrote,

beauty i will never forget

as i went for my run and i came up over a small hill on the woods creek trail, all the colors i saw were intensified because it had rained earlier. the green of the leaves on the low hanging trees where amazing and the mulch path was a deeper, richer brown the usual. as i exhaled deeply from the extra amount of energy exerted from the small hill, i sort of cooed at the sight i saw. i have run it many times, usually not alone. i have even biked it on several occasions (once last week and the others when i was in early elementary school) even though i have seen it many times, this one day will stick in my mind, even if i never see it again. but i will. and i will silently appreciate my view. its little things like these that makes me glad i was able to grow up with much nature around me.

i am starting a list of things i will never forget. i will post some of them as i go along.
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