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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
10:36 pm - . . .little Theresa
My friend Theresa is the funniest. We laugh so much together. Last night Whitney and Theresa and I went to get food and we were laughing most of the time. I love girlie laughing fests.
Tonight we went out again after my so called basketball practice. And again. . . laughter.
I feel bad though. She has this one best friend from back home that she talks to ALL THE TIME. While here, she has only met the other people on the softball team (that shes on), the girls on our hall, and assorted other random athletes she meets at the gym. She doesn't go out. The only time she has ever gone out has been when I forced her to come to Phi Psi with me. I want her to have a good time.
Also, she has a hard time trusting friendships because her very best friend was killed in a car accident their senior year in high school. She was supposed to come to Tech and room with her. . .but alas she is stuck with a less than wonderful roommate. I know she trusts me as a friend, but she can't ever talk to me about serious things in person. . . when she has a problem, she IMs me. . . from one door down. . .to talk to me about it. If I say I'm coming over, she says no, just tell me on here. I think she is warming up a bit. And next year she is living in the apartment with us. . which I am sure will be the end of her shyness. I love her. . . she's the greatest. I just want her to be happy, while still remembering the friend she loved so much.

current mood: satisfied

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12:07 am - Update
classes I am taking this semester:
Theatre (reading plays, yay)
Geography of Alcohol (one project for the entire semester with the greatest teacher, yay)
Abnormal Psychology (talking about crazy people makes me crazy, but the teacher is great)
Human Geography (the teacher my high school geography teacher recommended. . .well she obviously didn't sit in on a single one of his lectures. . . the most worthless class ever)
no french now that I dropped it. . .yay!

I have a fabulous boyfriend, Scott.
I have a hilarious roommate, Whitney. . again.
I have the greatest hall mate ever, Theresa!

now onward---->

current mood: sleepy

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Saturday, July 28th, 2001
4:41 am - beauty i will never forget
as i went for my run and i came up over a small hill on the woods creek trail, all the colors i saw were intensified because it had rained earlier. the green of the leaves on the low hanging trees where amazing and the mulch path was a deeper, richer brown the usual. as i exhaled deeply from the extra amount of energy exerted from the small hill, i sort of cooed at the sight i saw. i have run it many times, usually not alone. i have even biked it on several occasions (once last week and the others when i was in early elementary school) even though i have seen it many times, this one day will stick in my mind, even if i never see it again. but i will. and i will silently appreciate my view. its little things like these that makes me glad i was able to grow up with much nature around me.

i am starting a list of things i will never forget. i will post some of them as i go along.

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Thursday, July 26th, 2001
10:35 am
yesterday was actually a fairly productive day. i got up at 10:15 *gasp* (and i have continued the trend today as well). i went out to see Barbara because she is sick. no one gets sick in the summer. . oh wait, no, thats right, Barbara and I do.

on my way back from Barbara's, Elise called. she was hungry and didn't have a car. we hung out for a while and watched "Almost Famous." it was pretty good. it isn't a movie to watch if you are tired. but it was a good story. Kate Hudsen, one of the stars, is so beautiful.

i then went for a 20 minute run. . . and almost passed out. ugh. i ran on a completely empty stomach, which made me sick. today i am going back to clock how far i ran.

my sickness wasn't so bad until later though, so i went to the fair with Elise. it was great, no one was there to charge us for parking when we drove up so we didn't have to pay. then as we were walking in a man gave us some tickets, so we only had to buy two to ride this kick-ass ride called the casino.

we hung out with Q after that.

it was overall a really good day.

i plan to have many more good summer days to come.

current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, July 24th, 2001
11:51 pm
well. . . .i have decided that i love Angelina Joli.
i have decided to strive to be like her
not with drugs or being sexual in public
however, she does what she wants and doesn't hold back
not most of what she does is what i want
but the concept of what she does is great.

it seems as though there were more things i wanted to say,
but i just cant think of what they were.

i am watching Six Feet Under, the newest HBO series, i am addicted to these things.

ah yes. . .i was going to discuss a habit of old man taylor.
he says this thing 50 times a day. i may not be exaggerating here.
if he has to do something and needs me to just sit there he says:
"stay calm. . . like me. . . if you can"
it doesn't matter how calm i am or how many times i say, "i am always calm", he says it over and over and over and . . . well you understand.
i like to just sit and do nothing, he doesn't need to tell me.

heh, that is just one pet-peeve of mine concerning old man. we will be viewing more in the future.

current mood: peaceful

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Monday, July 23rd, 2001
8:55 pm - HOME!
heh, yay, i am home, and quite glad about it. i missed Lexington, ya know, i really do love it. i think i am going to miss it next year. i may come home more than i origanally thought.

*sigh* my online friend Brandon is frustrating me. so i think i am going to go rather soon. i need to go over and entertain Elise while she awaits for the call from the most moronic male alive. why can't she see what a loser he is?

before i go however, i would just like to express my love for the move The Score. Edward Norton is a godly actor. so so tasty. just to hear his voice makes me shiver. he did an outstanding job. and Robert DiNero did an excellent job, as well. i really like it, however i have already got a plan in mind for the sequel. it will be called "Settling the Score" and i will be Edward's love interest because Robert had one this time so it is Ed's turn next.

anyway. . . silence on the other end of my conversation with Brandon is pissing me off. . .i will carry on with my plan to always suck it up and stop take things so seriously.

current mood: indifferent

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Saturday, July 21st, 2001
11:10 pm - *gasp*
this couldn't wait
someone signed my guest book on my poem page.
this completely makes my night. i am so excited.
someone needs to congratulate me.
heh, ok
i'm finished.

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10:54 pm - D.C.
well, at long last i have aquired zebra sheets for my dorm room. i hope my roomate isnt too straight-laced. . . cause there will be much zebra in my damn room.

my aunt and uncle, parents, and i went out to dinner. we were at the resteraunt for three hours, but damn was that food good. mmmmm, i got my chocolate fix for the day in a big way.
i had 3/4 of a glass of wine. hah, that is the most i have drank in i dont know how long. wahoo, livin it up.

i am rather exhausted right now. but its all good. i have the internet to keep me sane.

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Thursday, July 19th, 2001
3:30 pm
so i was supposed to work at 1, but the girl that was supposed to work in the morning couldn't. so the old man needed me to take him to the doctor, and i couldnt say no cause i didnt have anything else to do but sleep. and i was pissed off. and he knew it. but he gave me a raise so i will live.

and now. . . my neck hurts a lot all of a sudden and it is weird and not comfortable in any way. i cant really move it to the left. so i am not. but i know i will want to eventually.

*stomach growls* all i have eaten today has been my beloved Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bar (with "real" milk, heh). so i am going to go fix that by eating something chocolate.

current mood: calm

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2001
3:30 pm
this conversation just about sums up Kyle, James, and my bike ride yesterday:
Kyle: "This is the most I have used my legs all summer."
Me: "Me too. . . that's why they're not working."
James: "I've never used my legs."
we were strugglin'. but its all good cause we needed it.

last night I called Barbara's cell but had to leave a message. I decided I would just suck it up and not wait for Barbara to come around. Then Elise and I went for a drive and we saw Barbara so we stopped. and I acted as if nothing was wrong. there was a shocked look on her face. oh well.

now I am off to BV to show the health department that I don't have Tuberculosis.

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2001
4:48 pm - GRRRRR
the only thing that is keeping me sane is my Third Eye Blind and the kind words of one Sargent Major Neel. Deep Inside of You is the greatest song. it is amazing when you find a band that can create a song in which every line is powerful. Third Eye Blind is such a band, and Deep Inside of You is such a song. i would quote some but it is all about that yucky love stuff and that doesnt need to be touched.

anyway. . . i am PISSED. i did NOT do well on my government AP exam. and i really thought i did. i am so mad. so so so mad. i threw a tantrum. but i was by myself so it doesnt count (whatever i mean by that).

and the old man was so frusterating today. uh, but i dont want to talk about that or i will get frusterated again.

kyle and james and i are going biking and kyle is on his way over, so i suppose this is me leaving.

current mood: recovering

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12:01 pm
i recently saw, for the first time, the Bootilicious (i have no idea how to spell that silly word) video and i would just like to say that Bionce (i dont know how to spell that either) looked *cough* bad. Kelly was by far the best looking one in the video.

in other news, J, i DID FINALLY see the NSync Pop video. and the words are fine. they fit into whatever genre you would like to put it in. however, the way the sing and present the song is not 106 & Parkish. not that they are on the count down anymore, but you know. anyway. . .

i didnt call the old man cause i just didnt wanna work. but he called me *sigh* so, i am going in to work because i just cant say no when i dont have a really big reason (like yesterday).

so i must clean myself up and get my ass over there.

fun WILL be had today. . .

current mood: content

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10:39 am
Well, my day got better yesterday
they managed to fix my car yesterday. it was amazing. then i went to dinner with Grace. she told me about this dream she had had the night before. it was a naughty dream about me, haha. ah yes, i arouse men and women alike. don't get me wrong, i wouldn't participate in the happenings of this dream with any female. but i still find this quite amusing.

we watched 12 Monkeys last night *sigh* so gooood.

Yay, today Craig David's album comes to America today. . . oh wait, thats right, i have had it for almost a month now. its minor

now i may have to go work. grrr, i was looking forward to a me day after the horridness that was the majority of yesterday.

current mood: relaxed

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Monday, July 16th, 2001
3:52 pm - eh, not a good day
this day has been no fun.
first the phone rang a ridiculous amount of times while i was TRYING to sleep this morning.
so finally i gave up and just got up.

then i had to go to Buena Vista to get my pre-college shots. but my car has been acting up and BV is 15 minutes away. so i was so lucky to get there. on the way my CD play stopped working. when i got to my mom's office the windows rolled down really really slowly and blinker stopped working. i had to cost into the handicap spot because the engine stopped and the power steering went.

so my mom drove to the place to get shots and i had to get two shots, one in each arm, and a Tuberculosis test. i almost passed out. everything went white and my chest felt heavy. all sounds were muffled and it was NOT fun. i had to lay on the floor and put my feet up. my mom and the nurse had to get me a cold rag.

after i recovered and got ice cream, we had to get my car towed. and elise had to come get me because i didn't have a way to get home. now my arms hurt when i move them and i don't feel like doing anything that involves me standing or walking. i don't feel sick anymore, but i am just spent.

i really hope the day gets better.

current mood: lethargic

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12:45 am - heh, just chillin
i didnt do a whole lot today. i went to my mom's company pick-nick for a while.

i FINALLY found Grace and we hung out for a while. i am going to spend the night with her in the house she is house sitting for tomorrow night.

i was headed home at 10:30 to get online but saw Q so i stopped and talked to him for an hour and a half. the only reason i went home is because my parents were expecting me. i love Q. he is great.

i love the outfit i wore today. it made me happy.

heh, Barbara is back, i know this only because she is now online. however. . . . .we have not spoken. dont get me wrong, i want everything to be great between us. but it may take a few days for us to come around. i will keep all you anxious readers updated, heh.

i think i am going to stay up for a while and do all those things i have been meaning to get around to.

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Saturday, July 14th, 2001
11:35 pm - Lots of stuff
I went to work today and it was good. Mr. Taylor took me to lunch and I hung out with Elise afterward. this is all boring. but dont get your hopes up, I may not even have a good part to get to.

I had a really good talk with Mr. Neel today. I am so grateful that I have people I can talk to. right after this good conversation Justin proved that indeed he can be a sarcastic ass. I KNOW I am over reacting, but I care not for he IS an ass.

I went to a wedding today. it was the best wedding I have ever been to. the couple is so in love. they were crying and I could just see how much they loved each other by the way they looked at one another. it was beautiful. it really lifted my spirits.

now I am really tired and I am attempting to do some soul searching. . . as if I need anymore of that. but I have to write some stuff down. . . and NOOOO you may NOT read it. but I took a break from it because I have soul searchers' block.

I want chocolate.

current mood: tired

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2001
10:31 pm - Moulen Rouge
I went with James and his mother and grandmother to see Moulen Rouge tonight. (yes. . . this is a little late, but we saw it at one of those theatres that gets movies late but only charges 3$) so anyway, this movie . . . i dont know what to say.
Here are my comments:
1. it was just so different.
2. and weird.
3. and damn i hate Nicole Kidman. i would have liked this movie so much more if she had not been in it. i can not stand her face (esp. her nose and lips).
4. Ewan MacGregor has a great singing voice.
5. one thing that is still puzzling me is how did they make John Legwisamo's (spelling?) legs look so short?
6. the music was AMAZING. the medleys they created using modern music were great.
7. why couldn't Catherine Zeta Jones have been in it instead of Nicole Kidman?

and i am moving on. . . .the only thing i have had to eat today has been brownies and theatre popcorn. i dont think this is healthy. fear not, i will get some ice cream later to tide me over until i eat something with substance tomorrow.

off to read my employer's book.

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Monday, July 9th, 2001
11:27 pm - Racism and more
*sigh* yet again i had a conversation with someone about why their are racist. only this time. . . it was with someone i care about. and that was the only reason that i had it to begin with. i have had so many of them with people that just pissed me off that i decided i wouldnt do it anymore. well at least on the internet. i will bust anyone out in person if they are being racist. i WILL not tolerate that. but this was my best online friend Brandon and that is why it mattered. cause i care and i dont want him to go around stereotyping and being ignorant. and he really isnt as bad as i thought he was. which is reassuring. but still. . .
anyway, he said he was sorry if he offended me and that he really cared about me. i said it was ok and that we should just move on. one day, when we meet, we can sit down and talk about this. but online is hard cause you dont know what tone of voice they have and they cant hear how mad or upset you are.
elise and i made a list of all the things we are gonna do this summer. heh, it ranges from biking (which we are gonna start tomorrow) to para sailing. heh, we WILL do that. once we find we find where this is possible close to inland VA.
but i am really excited about this job i am getting. it is with this 91 year old man who used to be a lawyer for 60 years. he is blind and half deaf and he needs someone to drive him places and type letter for him. i am going to see him tomorrow and i hope i start soon cause it seems like it will be a cool experience.

ok, i am sorry if i have bored ya'll (jonathon) heh, i dont know if anyone else has happened upon any of this.

i am watching an interesting movie on HBO about a girl in prison, i am off to devote myself to it.

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Sunday, July 8th, 2001
4:53 pm
ya know. . . there are so many things that i want to write in this damn thing. yet, there is no substitute to telling a person. its just not the same. i want to talk to my friend Brandon. he really listens and he is straight up with me cause we have never met. he lives in Texas and so we dont have to look into each other's faces and speak the truth. we either type it or say it to the voice on the other end of the long distance call.

a light bulb went off. about my dreams. well just one of them. the one about the mall person being rude to me had more to it. i had to go back to that mall for a competition. . .and i was nervous cause there was that search out for me. so i was paranoid. and then i remembered seeing a Simpson's episode the other day where Bart steals from a department store and the manager said that he could never come back to the store but the next day his family went to get their portrait made at that place and he got caught.

And I'm back. . .
I DO love Alicia Keys. .
my mom is sitting here and she is annoying me
. . . . waiting waiting
ok, she is gone.

And so am I cause I have just lost my ramble ability.

Took a break to watch Bounce, but now I am listening to Alicia Keys again.

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10:39 am
i have just sat at church for an hour sweating under two layers of robes because my mother forces me to serve once a month, thank god i am going to college next month. oh god, that is so scary. ok, well that isnt what i want to write about. i sat in church trying not to cough thinking that i just wanted to come home and write.
jonathon, the person that told me about this place, told me that he was having weird ass dreams lately. and then i thought about it and i have had some strange ones too.
last night i had a dream that i was at a mall with a girlfriend that i cant recall. there were people after us and i was killing them by letting them lunge at me and then moving and having them flip off the balcony and shit like that. it was weird. no one in the mall found this odd. and this mall was packed with escalators and you just rode along and then jumped on another conveyor belt thing and it moved you that way. so ood.
a few nights ago i had a different dream about me in a mall. this girl had pushed me out of the way twice in the span of 30 seconds and it pissed the hell out of me so i followed her. but i didnt run so as not to look suspicious. and i finally caught up with her and i tapped on her shoulder and she grabbed my hand. and i said "i just thought i would tell you that that was really rude." and she talked some shit. and shoved me. and i was like this isnt worth it so i just walked away. she complained to a mall security guard that i attacked her and he sent out a search party. heh, i got away.
i guess i should be careful the next time i go to the mall.

on a side note. . . i am so sick of coughing.

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