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Lots of stuff

I went to work today and it was good. Mr. Taylor took me to lunch and I hung out with Elise afterward. this is all boring. but dont get your hopes up, I may not even have a good part to get to.

I had a really good talk with Mr. Neel today. I am so grateful that I have people I can talk to. right after this good conversation Justin proved that indeed he can be a sarcastic ass. I KNOW I am over reacting, but I care not for he IS an ass.

I went to a wedding today. it was the best wedding I have ever been to. the couple is so in love. they were crying and I could just see how much they loved each other by the way they looked at one another. it was beautiful. it really lifted my spirits.

now I am really tired and I am attempting to do some soul searching. . . as if I need anymore of that. but I have to write some stuff down. . . and NOOOO you may NOT read it. but I took a break from it because I have soul searchers' block.

I want chocolate.
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