Steph (stephgrich) wrote,

heh, just chillin

i didnt do a whole lot today. i went to my mom's company pick-nick for a while.

i FINALLY found Grace and we hung out for a while. i am going to spend the night with her in the house she is house sitting for tomorrow night.

i was headed home at 10:30 to get online but saw Q so i stopped and talked to him for an hour and a half. the only reason i went home is because my parents were expecting me. i love Q. he is great.

i love the outfit i wore today. it made me happy.

heh, Barbara is back, i know this only because she is now online. however. . . . .we have not spoken. dont get me wrong, i want everything to be great between us. but it may take a few days for us to come around. i will keep all you anxious readers updated, heh.

i think i am going to stay up for a while and do all those things i have been meaning to get around to.
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