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heh, yay, i am home, and quite glad about it. i missed Lexington, ya know, i really do love it. i think i am going to miss it next year. i may come home more than i origanally thought.

*sigh* my online friend Brandon is frustrating me. so i think i am going to go rather soon. i need to go over and entertain Elise while she awaits for the call from the most moronic male alive. why can't she see what a loser he is?

before i go however, i would just like to express my love for the move The Score. Edward Norton is a godly actor. so so tasty. just to hear his voice makes me shiver. he did an outstanding job. and Robert DiNero did an excellent job, as well. i really like it, however i have already got a plan in mind for the sequel. it will be called "Settling the Score" and i will be Edward's love interest because Robert had one this time so it is Ed's turn next.

anyway. . . silence on the other end of my conversation with Brandon is pissing me off. . .i will carry on with my plan to always suck it up and stop take things so seriously.
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